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    Weileling 50% Boscalid WG This product is a new type of niacinamide Bactericide with a wide spectrum of bactericidal activity and high bactericidal activity against the fungus of the fungus. Its mechanism of action is to inhibit the respiration of pathogens, thereby interfering with cell division and growth, resulting in the death of the cells. It is a systemic Bactericide with strong permeability and can be quickly transmitted to whole crops and also through the roots of crops.
    Weilesheng 40% dimethomorph· CYAZOFAMID SC This product is made up of dimethomorph and CYAZOFAMID. Dimethomorph is a systemic Bactericide that kills oomycetes and destroys the formation of cell wall membranes, leading to the death of pathogens. CYAZOFAMID is a new type of low-toxic Bactericide with good protection and therapeutic functions, and induces crops to produce downy mildew. The antibodies to disease and late blight have a long-lasting effect and are resistant to rain.
    Suijingte 45% Trifloxystrobin · hexaconazole WG This product is made up of Trifloxystrobin and hexaconazole. Among them, Trifloxystrobin is a new type of methoxy acrylate Bactericide, which is highly efficient, broad-spectrum, has protection, treatment and eradication effects on diseases, has high permeability, strong internal absorption, rain-resistant scouring and long-lasting effect; hexaconazole belongs to triazole Bactericide, a sterol demethylation inhibitor, has a remarkable therapeutic effect. The combination of the two synergistic effects enhances the protection and treatment of fungal diseases.
    Tianwang Qiangsheng 30% Pyraclostrobine SC This product is a broad-spectrum Bactericide of the novel methoxy acrylates, which is a mitochondrial respiratory inhibitor with protective and therapeutic effects. It has a wide spectrum of sterilization and has good control effects on cucumber powdery mildew, downy mildew, banana scab, leaf spot, anthracnose, axis rot, cabbage, mango and tea tree anthracnose.
    Fuyoude 60% Pyraclostrobine· metiram WG Pyraclostrobine is a broad-spectrum Bactericide of novel methoxy acrylates with protection, treatment and leaf osmotic conductivity; metiram is an excellent protective Bactericide, a low-toxic pesticide. The two are compounded according to the best ratio, with multiple functions of prevention, protection and treatment, high efficiency, low toxicity, broad spectrum and safe for crops. Early use can prevent the invasion of pathogens and improve the immunity of plants, reducing the number of plant occurrences and the number of medications.
    Fulegu 240g/L THIFLUZAMIDE SC THIFLUZAMIDE belongs to the class of thiazolylamide Bactericide, which has strong systemic conductivity and persistence. Can be widely used in rice, wheat, peanuts, cotton, sugar beets, coffee, potatoes, lawns and other crops, for Rhizoctonia, Puccinia, Black powder, Black fungus, Fusarium Pathogenic fungi such as genus and genus genus are active, especially for diseases caused by basidiomycetes such as sheath blight and blight.
    Jinqiangsheng 70% Tebuconazole· Dimetachlone WG Tebuconazole is a highly efficient, broad-spectrum, systemic triazole Bactericide; Dimetachlone is a heterocyclic compound that is highly effective against fungal diseases. After the combination of the two, the three functions of protection, treatment and eradication are combined, the sterilization is broad-spectrum, the systemic is strong, and the long-lasting effect is long. The table and the inside are completely sterilized, and a variety of pathogens are once removed.
    Youdefu 20% Validamycin· Tebuconazole SC This product is a compound of Validamycin and Tebuconazole. Validamycin is a highly active agricultural antibiotic. Tebuconazole is a highly efficient, broad-spectrum, systemic triazole Bactericide. It has good control effect on rice sheath blight and rice false smut. At the same time, it can be applied to fungal diseases caused by basidiomycetes and ascomycetes in other crops.
    Aimixiyou 25% Azoxystrobin SC Azoxystrobin is a brand new beta-methoxypropionate Bactericide, which has three functions of protection, treatment and eradication. It inhibits the energy synthesis of pathogens by inhibiting the respiratory action of pathogens, almost all fungal diseases (ascomycetes) Glycosides, Basidiomycotina, Flagellates, and Deuteromycetes: such as powdery mildew, downy mildew, rust, blight, net blotch, rice blast and other diseases have good activity, widely used Tomatoes, cucumbers and other open-field vegetables and protected fruits, grapes, watermelons, melons and other fruit crops.
    Fulemi 30% hexaconazole· Isoprothiolane EC Fulemi is a new type of rice Bactericide developed by Japan Pesticide Co., Ltd. and our company after many years of cooperation. The original Isoprothiolane drug is supplied by Japan Pesticide Co., Ltd. It has high efficiency of systemic absorption, permeation and conduction, and enjoys the "rice disease all-round expert". It is said that one medicine can prevent and treat three major diseases of rice (rice blast, sheath blight, rice false smut) and panicle syndrome. At the same time, the agent has a regulating effect on crop growth and has the effect of increasing production and increasing income.
    Baoerfeng 5% hexaconazole SC This product belongs to triazole Bactericide, which is a demethylation inhibitor of sterol. It has strong systemic activity and high activity. It has broad-spectrum protection and therapeutic effects on fungi caused by fungi, especially basidiomycetes and ascomycetes. Efficient sterilization, can be used for crops such as rice and fruit trees.
    Kasugamycin· Isoprothiolane 41% Kasugamycin · Isoprothiolane WP This product is a preparation of the antibiotic Kasugamycin produced by fermentation of Actinobacter sinensis and the chemical synthetic drug Isoprothiolane. It has systemic, preventive and therapeutic effects. It has a long-lasting effect, is resistant to rain and is safe for people and the surrounding environment. It has a significant effect on the control of rice blast.
    Baoerfeng 30% hexaconazole SC This product belongs to triazole Bactericide, which is a demethylation inhibitor of sterol. It has a broad spectrum of protection and treatment for diseases caused by fungi, especially basidiomycetes and ascomycetes. It has strong systemic absorption, quick-acting effect, high-efficiency sterilization, long-lasting and stable effect. It can be used in rice, wheat, fruit trees, vegetables and other crops, and can effectively control a variety of fungal diseases.
    Weierdajiatuo 50% Thiophanate-Methyl SC This product belongs to benzimidazole Bactericide, which is a high-efficiency, low-toxic, low-residue, broad-spectrum, systemic Bactericide. It has the preventive and therapeutic effects on most of the higher fungal diseases of crops. It can be used reasonably and effectively to prevent the germination and invasion of spores. It has strong penetration and systemicity and can kill bacteria that have invaded plants. It has a long shelf life and is suitable for a wide range of crops. It is low in toxicity to humans, livestock and fish, safe to crops, strong in adhesion and resistant to rain.
    Weierdajiatuo 70% Thiophanate-Methyl WP This product belongs to benzimidazole Bactericide, which is a high-efficiency, low-toxic, low-residue, broad-spectrum, systemic Bactericide. It has the preventive and therapeutic effects on most of the higher fungal diseases of crops. It can be used reasonably and effectively to prevent the germination and invasion of spores. It has strong penetration and systemicity and can kill bacteria that have invaded plants. The production process is unique, the powder has high fineness and good solubility, and the imported auxiliaries are used to ensure excellent results. It has a long shelf life and is suitable for a wide range of crops. Low toxicity to humans, livestock and fish, safe for crops, and resistant to rain.
    Tianwangjiatuo 70% Thiophanate-Methyl WP This product is made of pure white nails with advanced production technology. The product is smooth and the powder is pure white. It can adhere to the surface of the crop better and has excellent solubility, which is beneficial to crop absorption. It has the preventive and therapeutic effects on most of the higher fungal diseases of crops. It can be used reasonably and effectively to prevent the germination and invasion of spores. It has strong penetration and systemicity and can kill bacteria that have invaded plants. It has a long shelf life and is suitable for a wide range of crops. It is a broad-spectrum systemic Bactericide with high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue.
    Qiangsheng 6% Tebuconazole FS 6% Tebuconazole seed treatment suspension agent is triazole Bactericide, which has strong systemicity, can prevent and control the pathogen attached to the surface of the seed, and can also transmit to the top in the plant body to kill the bacteria inside the crop. It is suitable for the control of diseases caused by the genus of powdery mildew, rust fungus, Fusarium, genus genus and genus. It can promote the growth of crops. After use, the root system is developed, the plants are robust, the effective tillering is increased, and the yield is increased.
    Qiangsheng 80% Tebuconazole WP This product is a new type and high content of triazole broad-spectrum systemic Bactericide. It has protective and therapeutic effects. It has high bactericidal activity, strong systemic absorption, long-lasting effect, and is resistant to rain erosion. It is especially suitable for apple brown spot. Prevention and treatment of ring disease, spotted leaf disease, pear black spot disease, and banana leaf spot disease are safe for crops at the Recommended dosage.
    Qiangsheng 250g/L Tebuconazole EC This product is a broad-spectrum systemic triazole Bactericide, which has the functions of protection, treatment and eradication. It has high activity, long-lasting effect and safe crops. Wide spectrum of sterilization, mainly used to control wheat powdery mildew, rust, banana leaf spot, apple, pear scab, vegetable powdery mildew, leaf spot and other diseases.
    Xinsheng 62.5% Mancozeb · Myclobutanil WP This product is a compound preparation of Mancozeb and Myclobutanil. The two have complementary advantages and form a high-efficiency, low-toxic, broad-spectrum systemic Bactericide, which can control various fungal diseases and treat zinc deficiency and manganese deficiency in fruit trees. . It is used to control diseases such as powdery mildew, smut, downy mildew, anthracnose, brown spot and other diseases of cereals, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other crops.
    Xinsheng (Indofil Industrial Limited)80% Mancozeb WP This product is a highly efficient, broad-spectrum, low-toxic protective Bactericide, purely imported, fully complex. It is processed and produced by ultra-fine pulverization technology, with good fineness, high suspension rate, strong adhesion, resistance to rain erosion, long-lasting effect and safe crops. It has a wide spectrum of sterilization and is not easy to produce resistance. It has obvious effects on fungal diseases such as tomato early blight and apple spotted leaf disease. It has better effect before or during the onset of the disease, and can effectively supplement trace elements such as zinc and manganese to promote crops. Growing.
    Mancozeb 80% Mancozeb WP This product is a highly effective, broad-spectrum, low-toxic protective Bactericide, fully complex. It has the characteristics of good solubility, high suspension rate, strong adhesion, resistance to rain erosion, and long-lasting effect. It has a wide spectrum of sterilization and has good control effect on most fungal diseases and is safe for crops.The application of crops is extensive, and the effect is better before or during the onset, and it can effectively supplement crop trace elements and promote crop growth.
    Cymoxanil · Mancozeb 72% Cymoxanil · Mancozeb WP This product is a binary Bactericide compounded by Cymoxanil and Mancozeb, which has both protective and therapeutic effects. Cymoxanil has a strong systemic action and is well treated for downy mildew and disease. Mancozeb is an excellent broad-spectrum protective Bactericide with good adhesion, resistance to rain and long-lasting effects.The combination of the two has complementary advantages, and the anti-disease and anti-bacterial effects are combined to prolong the resistance of the bacteria. Low toxicity, low residue.
    IPROVALICARB 70% IPROVALICARB WP IPROVALICARB is an efficient, broad-spectrum protective Bactericide that inhibits the oxidation of pyruvate in pathogens. The drug has excellent protective effects on downy mildew of cruciferous vegetables, solanaceous fruits, grapes, tobacco and other crops, as well as early and late blight of tomato and potato, and on apple spotted leaf disease and pear tree scab Diseases such as peanut leaf spot, grape powdery mildew and mango anthracnose also have certain inhibitory effects. It is safe and has a wide range of crops. It is suitable for crops such as tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, apple, citrus, mango and flowers.
    Chlorothhalonil 75% chlorothalonil WP Chlorothalonil is a broad-spectrum, protective Bactericide. The mechanism of action is to interact with the glyceraldehyde triphosphate dehydrogenase in the fungal cells, so that the metabolism of the fungal cells is destroyed and loses vitality. There is no systemic conduction, but after spraying onto the plants, it can be good on the body surface. The adhesion is not easily washed away by rain, so the effect period is longer. It is stable to weak acids, weak bases and light and heat. It can prevent fungal diseases of various crops, and is mainly used for the control of rust, anthracnose, rot, brown spot, powdery mildew, downy mildew, blight and leaf mold in fruit trees and vegetables.


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